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If you are looking for website design in Edinburgh you are at the right place. Having modern and functioning website is a must for businesses located in Edinburgh or anywhere in the world. Why does your Edinburgh based business need a good website? We are in a digital era, where every business whether small-sized or multinational intends to put its products and services on the web. 

A website helps small businesses to deliver information about its products and services to niche customers. Nowadays, it is integral for every business irrespective of its size to have a digital presence in the form of a well-designed website that delivers information to its users. The key purpose is to drive the targeted audience, expand the business and build a brand identity.

While you are checking website design services in Edinburgh, you need to know that s website should be stylish, converting and well-designed. Isn’t a website enough, why it has to be a well-designed one? When it comes to business, a casual website is not simply going to help. Because the customer is blessed with options and if a website fails to deliver a satisfying user experience owing to design issues it won’t be of any help to a business.

Elements of a well-designed website

If you are a small business owner in Edinburgh looking for web design for expansion, you would want a website wherein the audience can navigate easily. A messy website with multiple confusing aspects will urge the end-users to leave the pages immediately. On WWW, the attention span of the end-user is short, thereby a well-designed website ensures customer engagement.

Easy Navigation

Navigation is a basic yet very important feature of any website. Commonly, a business website has multiple web pages, and it is not easy for a user to visit each page. However, a well-designed site ensures a state-of-the-art navigation system.


A website, whether well-designed or not is a visual representation of any business. A user gets the impression of your brand via a website. Typography is another important element of a well-designed website. It helps the customers to identify your brand from the competitors. The latest trends suggest that larger fonts are prone to draw customers’ attention. A typeface can indicate if your firm is formal or informal for the users. 

Endorses, Call to Action 

Call to Action helps to steer the end-users through the customer quest and advise them on the next steps. CTAs could be to call, set up an appointment or request for more info. It is important that Call to Action should be useful and fitting. Remember the times when users just signed-up to receive an email, it is no longer entertained by the customers. 

Trust Elements

Whether in the form of good logos of clientele or user testimonials, these elements help build trust among customers. This should be considered as an integral part of ongoing content building efforts.

Strong yet subtle color palette

May sound a little primal, but the color scheme of a website is an important element when it comes to great web design. A strong yet subtle color palette creates cohesiveness between all the elements any business displays on a website. Please be advised that implementing too many colors becomes visually deflecting. 

Also, it is important to have sufficient white space as it acts as a buffer between all the elements of a webpage color, content, images and videos. 

A well-designed website is the fundamental business aspect in the modern digital world. It is an information source for products and services a business intends to sell. If you are considering web design services in Edinburgh you need to be aware of the benefits of having a mobile friendly website.

responsive website design

Responsive Web Design in Edinburgh

Responsive Web Design (RWD), as the name itself suggests, is essentially the approach that encourages designs and developments to sincerely respond to the behavior and environment of the user based on the platform of use, screen size, and orientation.

Responsive websites work seamlessly across all devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablet and even wearebles. So, if you are considering getting a website design in Edinburgh, you should be aware of the benefits of mobile-friendly websites. As share of the mobile devices consistently increasing in UK and all over the world, it is important to provide a good user experience.

Evidently, the custom is concerned with using a fusion of flexible grids and layouts, use and strategic employment of CSS media queries. This implies that whenever a user moves from using his laptop to tab or smartphone, the website should automatically transform to acclimatize the image and font size, resolution and scripting abilities.

Additionally, the settings of the device on which the website is being should also be taken into account; for instance, if the device has a VPN, the website should not restrict the user’s access to the page. This method removes the necessity of formulating a distinct design and development phase for every new gadget being launched in the market.

How does Responsive Web Design work?

The rudiment supporting Responsive websites is fluid grids. In it, all the elements exhibited on the page are sized as per the proportion of the screen and not according to the pixels. This infers that supposedly, if there are three columns segregating the content in a webpage, the point should not be how wide each of the columns is; instead, the question must be how wide the columns are in comparison to the others. Similarly, media like images and windows of videos are also sized correspondingly for the matter to stay either within its column or relevant to the substance they have been associated with.

The potential issues of RWD

  • Graphics and download speed

The size of the graphics displayed on a webpage largely influences its download speed. On smartphones and tabs, limiting the number of ads and graphics will make way for smoother functioning thereby, implying that the bigger-sized ads must be inevitably translated into smaller ones when the medium changes.

  • Mouse v/s touch

The issue of mouse v/s touch shouldn’t come as a surprise when weighing the characteristic features of a website that opens in a computer and smartphone. Because in the case of the latter, the user depends on his fingers to touch the screen and select the elements presented on it, it can sometimes become extremely difficult to tap on those minuscule spots paraded on it. Hence, when designing with RWD, the subject of “touch” should be considered.

How small businesses will benefit from Responsive Web Design?

In the 21st century, the fact that more than the mere majority of the global population treats their smartphones as indispensable cannot be steered away from. The number of smartphone users is growing by about 5-7% each year in Edinburgh. Therefore, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that having a mobile friendly website increases conversions and sales.

This denotes that if you want your business to grow organically and reach a wider audience rather than restricting itself to the spectrum of your target group, Responsive Web Design is a must. Speed, comfort and most importantly, comfort are the three virtues that a consumer looks out for when browsing a website and RWD assures to implement all of them in a streamline.

Now let’s learn a bit more about the ecommerce web design.

ecommerce website design

E-Commerce Website Design in Edinburgh

Are you looking for ecommerce web design in Edinburgh? In this digitized world, virtual presence (a website) enhances business prospects. Even today many firms fail to understand the scope of an interactive website, especially in the eCommerce industry. Usability is a key parameter when talked about the success of a business over the WWW, and this parameter is unavoidable.

Usability not only improves the look and feel of a website but also spurs the web performance and higher prospects of lead conversion. Most importantly, it can help boost sales and ROI for a business. Any business owner would want that right?

But what does this good usability mean? It implies supporting easy navigation all through the website so that users can find information quickly and seamlessly. There are several ways to improve the usability of a website. Below is a web design few tips for an effective eCommerce site.  

Know your customer

Your web-designer must know about your target audience. What would the customers like and dislike? Whether images or the contact forms or the information, every small detail of your website must be potent to convince end-user to choose you. Thereby, it is integral for your web designer and developer to know about your target audience, which ensures more lead conversion thereby higher profit generation. UI/UX is quintessential to turn visitors into customers and to turn customers into repeated customers.

Simple web design

It means using subtle color palette, sufficient white spaces, the best information about products and removing everything which is unwarranted. Did you know, minimalist-themed sites appear more engaging and trustworthy in contrast to intricate ones. The business owners looking for an effective eCommerce website, straightforward web-design is the right way to lead.

Never ignore the significance of the “View Cart” button

If you have shopped online, you may have noticed that the majority of eCommerce portals have a small cart icon on the upper left or right corner of the entire page. The key purpose of the icon is the allow users to view the items they have added to their carts. Visibility of cart icon has been recognized to spur customer conversion rates. Having the icon designed in a visible yet artful way accelerates the chances of selling products. A wise way would be to make view cart icon or button stand out from the rest of the background by using bright colors.

Quality Photos

Ecommerce is a virtual market and the customers here don’t have the luxury to see and feel goods being sold. The only way the customers can know about the products is through photographs. As a business owner, the last thing you want is to lose customers because you have uploaded poor quality pics of products. Thereby, uploading high-quality images of products is a must on an eCommerce site, as bad ones can turn-off most of the customers.

Designing an eCommerce portal can get a little complex. But, now that you are aware of a few tips and trick to make up an effective eCommerce website, you’re more than prepared to design a website which looks good and proposes high chances of converting customers.

wordpress web design

WordPress Web Design in Edinburgh

Today, about one-third of the world’s websites are powered by WordPress and quite interestingly, this range oscillates from basic, personal blogs on one end to complex sites operated by multi-national companies on the other. Thus using a WordPress web design is advantageous for business in Edinburgh and whole UK.

For those of you who might not know, WordPress happens to be one of those content management systems and website builders that is available for free yet, includes a string of premium features and all of them can be customized to comply with the individual requirements of the users.

The best part about WordPress web design lies in the fact that it has something for everyone; meaning, its features are meant for both beginners and experienced users to set up a site quickly without any impediments whatsoever. In the following section, we will be jotting down the chief advantages of using WordPress web design for your business.

  • Multiple themes

First things first, whenever you are looking forward to building a website, the most important thing that should be taken into account is its scope of versatility. In WordPress, you will be endowed with a wide array of themes for enhancing the appearance of your website and its functions- courtesy, the ever-growing catalog of basic and quality themes. A generous chunk of these themes is made available to the website owner right after they sign up, while the others can be purchased through third-party designers from everywhere around the world depending upon your needs. Also, let’s not forget that before confirming, the themes can be trailed live and installed at any time to alter the layout and look of the site.

  • Flexibility

With WordPress web design you will have the liberty of changing the characteristic features of your website as many times you want until you are satisfied. Even though WordPress is mostly known for sustaining blogging and related forms of online publishing, it can maneuver the functionalities of cosmopolitan companies and small businesses as well. Additionally, its sites can comprise full-service e-commerce stores, exhibit portfolios and host social podcasts, groups, and networks. The truth that companies do not remain stagnant forever is no brainer and keeping this reality in mind, the basic and premium packages of WordPress have been premeditated to let the website adapt according to the changing needs of the company. 

  • Plugins improve utility

Although WordPress contains all the constituents obligatory for fashioning a basic site, some users are on the lookout for specialized functions that will complement the intricate requisites of the site. Fortunately, the WordPress plugin directory is loaded with innumerable plugins that are essentially small pieces of code directed towards fulfilling certain tasks that eventually permit the creators to inject additional features into the existing layout such as galleries, contact forms, upcoming events, shopping carts and much more. If this doesn’t seem sufficient, users can also procure and install lots of custom plug-ins from third-party developers which, in turn, can be activated or deactivated to suit the demands of the website from time to time.

  • Websites created through WordPress web design ranks high

The chief objective of having a website for your company is to increase its exposure and visibility and this can be achieved when your webpage ranks high on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. Sites that are created with WordPress web design are mostly placed somewhere on the top of the search results because of their keywords that are continually updated through tools and plugins appropriate for augmenting content for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).